CESAR Trainees Opportunities 2021
6-month experience in ESA/ESAC for university students
Teachers Training – Beyond the Asteroid Belt
New teacher training course starting in November, 3rd promoted by CTIF and CEFIRE
Space Science Experience
Work on scientific cases with us at ESAC or in your school
Solar Eclipse 2019
Total Solar Eclipse 2 of July with live connection and different talks
Solar Observatory
See the Sun online and use the images in the on line tools for science
CESAR is an educational ESA initiative whose main objective is to engage secondary school students with the wonders of astronomy and, more generally, science and technology.

See our For Educators section to see what experiences we offer.

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17/02/2021 - Chat with a female astronomer
On the 18th of February, CESAR is going to join the 11F initiative
25/01/2021 - New Virtual Tour about ESAC, CESAR and important missions
The CESAR team has been working on a virtual tour through CESAR and ESAC facilities.
11/01/2021 - On-line Space Science Experiences
Here they are the CESAR on-line Space Science Experiences!!
22/11/2020 - New CESAR traineeship opportunities — 2021
If you are in the final year or have recently graduated from an STEM career, CESAR is waiting for you! Apply before December 10th.

Presentation by Javier Ventura - ESA/ESAC/CESAR (English)
ESA Earth Observation Program
SMOS Instrument Operator Jorge Fauste explains ESA observation program from space (not him, but the program).
A universe of galaxies
Alberto Fernandez Soto, astrophysicist, explain the evolution of the universe since the first galaxies formed
How did everything started?
Vicent Martínez explains the origins of the universe, from the Big Bang until the formation of the first galaxies.