2nd Teachers Training – An approximation to the study of the Earth
Teachers Training 21-24, Feb 2022– An approximation to the study of the Earth
3rd Teachers Training – Minor bodies in the Solar System
Teachers Training – 4-7, April 2022 - Minor bodies in the Solar System
4th Teachers Training – The Unknown Universe
Teachers Training 23-26, May 2022 – The Unknown Universe
Space in your classroom: Space Science Experience
Work on scientific cases with us at ESAC or in your school
CESAR SSE awarded by Comunidad de Madrid
Activities of Special Dedication award
CESAR Trainees Opportunities 2022: selection complete
6-months experience at ESA/ESAC for university students
Solar Observatory
See the Sun online and use the images in the on line tools for science
Solar Eclipse 2019
Total Solar Eclipse 2 of July with live connection and different talks
CESAR Teaching concepts to Astrotourism Guides
Starlight Foundation Course, Guadalajara, 05 March 2022
Red Planet, ESA and PLAYMOBIL
Explore the Red Planet with ESA and PLAYMOBIL !
CESAR is an educational ESA initiative whose main objective is to engage secondary school students with the wonders of astronomy and, more generally, science and technology.

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19/05/2022 - Tour for ESAC 2022 trainees
CESAR team gave a visit tour to the onsite 2022 ESAC trainees. The main ESAC rooms and missions were presented to these early career space enthusiasts.
30/03/2022 - Virtual Tour for EuCAP 2022
CESAR will perform an ESAC virtual tour for the EuCAP conference on 24th March 2022
05/03/2022 - CESAR Eclipse team in the Astrotourism Guides Course by Starlight Foundation
The CESAR eclipse team was invited to support the Starlight Astroturism Monitors Course, held in Molina de Aragon, Spain, 01-05 March 2022. The CESAR team presented the Solar Eclipse 2026 activities and the expected profound impact in the protected sky Starlight area of Guadalajara.
20/01/2022 - New 2022 ESA Young Graduate Trainee opportunities
ESA has announced the 2022 opportunities for YGT positions. Ready to apply?

Presentation by Javier Ventura - ESA/ESAC/CESAR (English)
An introduction to astronomical observation
Mars Express engineer and CESAR coordinator Michel Breitfellner makes an introduction to the optical observation of stellar objects.
Scientific applications of GNSS
GALILEO engineer and CESAR collaborator Manuel Castillo shows the possible scientific aplicattions of satellite positioning systems.
An introduction to budget astrophotography
CESAR collaborator Abel de Burgos offers an introduction to astrophotography with a budget equipment.